Kindred Spirits Run

Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 8:30 am

Our runners and walkers will start together at 9:00 sharp with participants lining up according to their expected pace.  Speedy rabbits up front, slower runners, strollers and walkers towards the back.

All routes travel together for nearly 2 miles on a pleasant loop that includes our Motivational Mile.  After the 2 mile walkers peel off to head back towards Kamiak the 4 and 8 milers will continue their run finding their first water station near the Mukilteo Police Station at mile 3.  Shortly before 4 miles those runners will peel off to head back towards Kamiak and our 8 milers will continue on looping around the Harbor Pointe Golf Course area.  Their second water station comes at Habour Pointe Village Park at mile 5.  The last 2 miles will revisit part of the earlier portion of the route and will send runners by their last water station at mile 7.

This route enjoys a good combination of gentle hills with a couple good inclines to get your heart pumping.  You'll be running on a combination of sidewalks, paved trails and coned running lanes.  Friendly course marshals will be at all major intersections to guide you and to keep you safe.  Water stations will be available at 3, 5 and 7 miles.  Portapotties will be available at the Start/Finish only.


NOTE:  The elevation profiles below are a bit exaggerated.  The courses are not flat but they aren't nearly as steep as it looks below.  I promise you won't need climbing gear to get to the top of any hill!