Kindred Spirits

HOPE powered by LOVE

My mom died when I was 15-years old of cancer. No one should have to see their loved ones go through that battle.
An aunt is a 16-year, two times survivor.   Kindred Spirits is a group of people, from all walks of life, who have come together with not o
nly the common goal of eradicating cancer, but making the world a better place. Why wouldn't we want to be a part of that, especially with the world we live in right now. - Stacy B


My family has been ravaged by cancer; we have lost both my parents, my sister, and my grandmother, both my husband's parents, and all of his sister's in-laws to cancer (parents and sister). Every. Single. One. Not to mention multiple friends and colleagues. KS has been a way to do some thing actively to fight back against this monster. - Denise S


I walk/crew because I want to find a cure so I never have to lose a family member to cancer again. I walked for the first time in 2009.  I was a member of another team that did not feel right. Did a training walk in Everett and was so welcomed and supported I couldn't leave. Kindred Spirits is more than a team, we are FAMILY! - Angel E


After my cousin lost her life to breast cancer, I felt so helpless. I joined KS to honor my cousin, and I've stayed involved because no matter if you walk, or crew, or just check in with KS on FB, you're part of a family that is making a difference. It's not just the funds raised, it's the support and the feeling of hope. There's no doubt in my mind that one day we will prevail. - Jennifer D


I am a part of the KS family because it's a place that I feel worthy and loved. It's a family that allows me to be me. It's a beautiful combination of give and take for me. - Kellie Jo B


I joined Kindred Spirits in 2006 when cancer was still on the periphery of my life. Two short years later, when I was diagnosed with BC, I already had my readymade support group in the Kindred Spirits. Just last year I lost a cousin to way too young to colon cancer. The fight isn't over. - Jennifer B


Eight years ago, my wife tried walking the 3 Day solo. She had a tough time of it. Penny found her and offered some encouragement...and invited her to be a part of the Kindred Spirits team. 8 years later, all of our household is a KS!

Our family is no stranger to cancer. My father died of colon cancer when I was 15, and we've had a few other family members battle breast cancer. We believe that a cure to cancer is attainable in the near future. And, it's only going to happen if we continue to do what we can to help battle this disease! - Alan H


My mom joined the team when she walked in 2010 when I was going thru my treatments. When I walked the next year I had a built in support group. Now the team is full of not just walking partners who are passionate about ending this disease that took my grandmother's and too many other lives, but it is now filled with many good friends! - Kris L


 I registered for my first 3 Day in 2010. My daughter Kris had just been diagnosed with BC, and it was the only thing I could think of as a way to support her through her experience. I walked with my niece Edie C of Everett and she found Penny and KS for us. What a find! Over the years KS has come to mean so much to me and Kris and our entire families. - Beryl S


I have family members that have battled and won their fight with breast cancer. I have been walking since 2009 met a member of KS in the Twin Cities. 2013 was extremely hot and I was considering not walking anymore. She invited me to join KS Seattle. Every person on the team is helpful, friendly, welcoming and truly kind. They all truly care about the cause and each other. - Susan N


I am a Kindred Spirit because when I found them it felt like home so I stayed.  I walk because I have nieces and I don't want them to have to go through what many of my friends have. Plus had my own scare and the fear of telling my family that I might have cancer was awful, so I kept it to myself until I found out I didn't. - Karri B